Teasers & Links to Complete Story

On this page (still under construction) you will see a few more pages from several of the stories we have finished. You can follow the links below the sample to access the full text of the book or book series you are interested in reading. Every story we write, every book we create- is available to you for your private use. WE DO NOT CHARGE A SINGLE PENNY FOR ANY OF OUR PUBLIC STORIES. We write and create these for the pure pleasure of creating something from an idea. Building and developing places and characters is a passion of Cliff and Tawna. Story telling is a time honored tradition passed down from generation to generation. We believe that story telling sparks creativity and desire to read and learn in early childhood development.

We can help you weave a special story for a child or grand child. What a great gift!  A special story written around and for a child who might need someone to be a hero.... themselves!  If you have a moral theme, or religious story (we do not discriminate) you want woven into the story, We can do that too! We do not have a huge library of "templates". Every story we create on request is unique. Every character is unique. You provide ideas- we take those ideas and build a custom story. We can add custom pictures and short movies to a story. We can also build you a custom audio book with custom sound track and characters! Doing character voices is Cliffs specialty! We do charge a very, very small fee for custom stories. But we can work with you if you just simply can not afford to pay. That's okay! We do this mostly from our love of story telling and creating something special from just and idea.

                 Contact us via email: vanness_stories@vanness.pro